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Since November 2017 the club have been registered with England Boxing. England Boxing is the national governing body for boxing. It is responsible for the governance, development and administration of boxing in clubs and competition. It also represents England as a member of the International Boxing Association (AIBA) and the European Boxing Council (EUBC).




The role of a coach is to provide fitness, skills and technical training for a boxer in preparation for a bout and then to provide tactical advice for the boxer during a bout, along with developing the psychological side of the boxer.

The coach is responsible for the development and safety of the boxer during any training, all of the clubs coaches hold a current England Boxing qualification and are registered with England Boxing prior to the commencement of any boxing training. All the clubs coaches are fully conversant with the rules of boxing.

First aid at work and safegaurding qualified. DBS checked




A Level 2 Coach is always in attendance if any Sparring (other than Technical Sparring) is to taking place. Full risk assessments are taken, along with following club rules regarding protective equipment when sparring.


Prior to any training coaches ask boxers to declare if they are fit to take part in the scheduled training paying particular attention to reports of headaches. Any boxer that reports with a headache would be dealt with accordingly



Academy Objectives


1.    To encourage each boxer to achieve their best in boxing and in life


2.    To develop and implement an age specific boxer development programme which will enhance the all-round development of each boxer


3.    For coaches and boxers to act as positive role models in our behaviours


4.    To provide a supportive, disciplined environment for learning to take place


5.    To effectively communicate the aims and objectives of the Academy to all of its stakeholders


6.    To promote and support positive outcomes related to health and social development


7.    To recognise and celebrate an individual’s success in and out the ring





The training of the boxers is differentiated based on the experience and age of the boxer. A set boxing curriculum is followed throughout the course of the season but the level will be individually set to provide an appropiate challenge.

The training is for complete begginers all the way through to professional boxers.




Sparring at the club can take several forms as follows:


i. Tech Sparring – this is the practice of rehearsed moves done under strict control with little or no force to reinforce a teaching practice or skill and can be done on the gym floor with mass participation. This is always supervised by a qualified coach.


ii. Controlled Sparring – This is undertaken  in a boxing ring, with conditions given to the boxers ie only Jabs, or red attacking blue defending, this can involve heavy shots to either boxer and will be supervised by a Level 2 Coach. All boxers must wear headguards, gumshields, abdominal protectors and relevant size gloves.


iii. Open Sparring – This activity must be conducted in a boxing ring where conditions are as close to competitive boxing as manageable but where boxers are required to take power out of their shots and to wear head guards, gumshields, abdominal protectors and relevant size gloves. This will be closely monitored by a Level 2 coach with strict adherence to the health and safety of the boxers.




The role of the coach for competition is to ensure the boxer is at the appropriate weight and is matched appropriately according to weight and experience. The England Boxing Supervisor will authorise the bout only if both coaches agree to the bout and that both boxers are matched appropriately. 


Any registered qualified coach may be in the corner during a bout, coaches may communicate with their boxer during the bout but are not permitted to shout, to clap, to encourage or incite the spectators. Coaches are not permitted to touch the ring during the progress of the round or cause a distraction or disturbance to the bout.


A boxer’s safety during a bout is the responsibility of the referee, a coach may retire a boxer between rounds by indicating to the referee, or during a round by “throwing in the towel”.


When matchingmaking for home shows all active boxers will box (maximum 18) as matched up by the clubs matchmaker. If a boxer is regularly training when a show is approaching then they will be matched for the show.


For away shows it’s a bit different, all boxers details are entered on a database (Warrior Boxing) that all clubs have to keep up to with age, weight, fight record and any other comments about the boxers. For example previous combat experience (thai boxing, wrestling etc) is provided. When other clubs are matching for their show they will use the filters in the Warrior database to find local boxers that match their boxers.


England Boxing Rules and club guidelines:


You can box from the ages of 10 and 40.

Until the age of 16 you can’t be more than 12 months of your opponents age.

Maximum weight difference is 2kg until the weights get higher and the boxer becomes older.

The club decides if the experience is too much or not.

All female boxers wear head guards.

Males wear head guards until seniors.

A Skills Bout, there is no winner or loser and is controlled by the referee.

Can only have a Skills up until 16

The club will move boxers on to bouts when we feel they are right. Safety of the boxer is paramount.





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