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The matchmaker and club coaches will take any bout that they deem competitive and appropiate for the boxers. We aim to make the boxers as active as possible in competitive bouts. If a boxer is ready for competition and is active within the gym, they will be considered for competition matching.


Boxing is a sport where the competitors are evenly matched and so all boxers have to be registered with a true record of their experience, their gender and their age. All of these criteria are detailed in this section to ensure that boxers are correctly registered.

Majestic Boxing Academy aims to have at least four home shows per year and all boxers to be entered into the appropiate England Boxing Championships.


Boxers are categorised by Year of Birth and not Date of Birth. Age categories reflect those of England Boxing and are given below as:

Pre-service individual contact sport experience (including junior bouts, white collar bout, professional bouts and all martial arts bouts) count towards a boxer’s experience category.


4.  Weight categories boxers:

Male Elite Boxers

a. The following table lists the Championship weight categories in which males can participate.


Light Flyweight Over 46kg, not to exceed 49kg

Flyweight Over 49kg, not to exceed 52kg

Bantamweight Over 52kg, not to exceed 56kg

Lightweight Over 56kg, not to exceed 60kg

Light Welterweight Over 60kg, not to exceed 64kg

Welterweight Over 64kg, not to exceed 69kg

Middleweight Over 69kg, not to exceed 75kg

Light Heavyweight Over 75kg, not to exceed 81kg

*Cruiser Weight Over 81kg, not to exceed 86kg*

Heavyweight Over 81kg, not to exceed 91kg

Super Heavyweight Over 91kg

*Cruiserweight is a not a national pathway weight (not recognised by AIBA and therefore no opportunity to represent at National level) so for domestic competitions Cruiser Weight is a recognised weight category but for International Competition Heavyweight is 81- 91kg.

b. Female Elite and Youth.  The following table lists the Championship weight categories in which females can participate.  Under NO circumstances are these categories to be altered, nor may boxers compete in championships against an opponent outside of their weight category.


All boxers are England Boxing Registered by the clubs secretary. Each boxer has to register on England Boxing Vault at the following link:


All boxers must undertake an Annual Medical and be passed Fit to Box by an England Boxing approved Doctor prior to any boxing training


When  the club is matching boxers the coaches consider the guidelines below;

Boxers should box against opposition within their own age, experience and weight categories wherever possible, the following exception may be considered;

A boxer may box an opponent that is not in the same weight category but they must be within the weight of the lowest weight category. i.e. a welter weight boxer (Welter weight category weight span 3.5kg) may box either a Light Welter Weight Boxers (span 3.5kg) or Light Middle Weight boxer (span 4kg), if there is less than 3.5kg difference in weight. Coaches and matchmakers should note that advice is that no boxer should concede weight and experience i.e. Boxer A has 5 bouts and weighs 65kg V Boxer B has 8 bouts and weighs 68kg. Advice from the ARMY BA is that matches are made to within 1kg.


Under NO circumstances are males and females permitted to spar or box each other competitively.  Additional protection is required for females. 


1Boxers are to adhere to the rules of dress and appearance as follows;

a. Youth and Female boxers only are to wear an AIBA-approved head guard during all forms of competitive boxing, senior boxers do not wear head guards for competitive boxing. All boxers are to wear head guards during any sparring and any training activities involving a risk of head injury.

b.  Have a personal gum shield (dental-fitted mouth guards are strongly recommended) in place during all competitive boxing, including sparring and activities involving a risk of mouth injury. Gum shields must not be red or partially red in colour.

c.  A groin/abdominal protector must be worn.

d.  Wear boxing shorts, which must reach to mid-thigh, but not extend below the knee during competitive boxing.  (Lycra type cycling shorts are not to be worn as the primary form of shorts, but may be worn under boxing shorts provided they are not visible).

e.  A vest or singlet, properly fitting vests should be worn by competitors.

f.  Wear boxing boots or trainers, without raised heels or spikes/cleats.

g.  Wear socks that are visible above the boots/trainers.

h.  All boxers must wear AIBA approved wraps or crepe type bandages when competing. A bandage must not be longer than 4.5 metres and not shorter than 2.5 metres. The bandage should be 5.7 cm (2 inches) wide and have a Velcro closure. NO OTHER KIND OF BANDAGES MAY BE USED.

j. Gloves AIBA approved gloves must be worn for all competitive boxing as;

10oz gloves.- All Females, Junior boxers and male Elite boxers in weight categories below 64kg.

12oz gloves – Male Elite boxer in weight categories 64kg and above.

The weight of all competition gloves must be clearly marked on the cuffs in indelible marker.

This rule is appropriate for all genders ages and experience categories.

k. Hair – All hair must be secured within the head guard use of hairnets, nylon swim caps or bandannas are encouraged if hair is long.

l. Soft Contact lenses may be worn (please note the rules regarding a boxer that wears contact lenses. (see AIBA Technical Rules para

m. Club colours of gold and black to be worn when own kit is used for competition

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